About Us

Lunatic Team was founded in 10/06/2012 or 2012/06/10 by Lunatic Bunny.
When Lunatic Team was made Lunatic Bunny had no idea of how to administrate a team.
So it only had her at the team,then she asked to her younger brother Lugia Magic to join.
Of course he said yes,then she said they needed more persons,then Lugia Magic asked to his Internet friend Ore Daiyo Wario Daiyo to join,he also accepted,then a friend of Lunatic Bunny and Lugia Magic also joined,that was Sky Gardener,being the youngest of team,but already having a site called Sky Garden GBA,where he showed unknown and underrated games.
And with that,the Lunatic Team was made,the name came from the lastname of Lugia Magic and Lunatic Bunny,Tsuki()that means moon in Japanese.
The idea of making hard SMW hacks came from the Lunatic difficult in Touhou games.
Of course,it didn't worked very well,and they became horrible hacks.
But now,for they hope,Lunatic Team will be a decent team of SMW hacking...


Lunatic Bunny(Admin,Founder,Owner):
She's the founder,that earlier was known as Reisen Udongein Inaba,because of the fact that she was roleplaying Reisen at YouTube,but since she stopped roleplaying at YouTube and turned the account into a personal account(called "ehmajieasymodo"),and then she started to use the nicknames that her little brother used to call her sometimes,"Lunatic Sister" and "Bunny",due to the fact that she loves vegetables,especially carrot.
She's a very determinated person,and does the best at what she's doing,and hates when it goes wrong.
Kinda quiet and calm.

Lugia Magic(Admin):
He's the little brother of Lunatic Bunny,and the first person of Lunatic Team that knew what to do with Lunar Magic...not so much,but still more experienced at the time,now everyone knows equally,he's a calm and happy person,but gets really angry when he does things the wrong way,very fan of RPGs and Puzzle games,try to makes levels in less action and more mind action,it doesn't works well.
The idea of Danmaku Mario World and Waluigi's Quest to the Dark World came from him.
His first hack was made way before Lunatic Team was made and it was called Alternate Mario World,which was never released,since it was horrible...

Ore Daiyo Wario Daiyo(Admin):
Not much is known about him,and he's internet friend,he worked a little bit with Lugia Magic at the making of Alternate Mario World and they even planned to make an Alternate Mario World 2.

Sky Gardener(Admin):
He's the youngest of Lunatic Team,and the latest to enter in it.
He's a friend of Lunatic Bunny and Lugia Magic.
Likes underrated games,and due to that made the site Sky Garden GBA.
Where he shows underrated games.

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