sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

We are back! And with we I mean only myself...

After a lot of inactivity,and reconstruction,I'm back!
(I don't know if making reconstruction in the site makes me inactive...but whatever)
Well,now I'm actually taking this seriously,instead of just playing around.
Yeah,currently I'm secretly planning to make another hack,but a good one this time.
Less difficult,more gameplay,of course it's hard,but not too much hard,it's actually playable and all the levels
are going to be 100% original!
Well,first of all,you're probably thinking,is this already made?,I actually only made 1 level,but ok...this is where the other members enter.
Oh,wait,I still must tell that to them,but first I must plan more things,and that's the reason I call it secret...
Well,how I know that they will not know?
They don't even visit this site,I'm pretty sure none of them actually saw the new background and things.
Well,I basically do everything here in administration,they only make things in the hacks.
Ok,I'm actually more centered in my Youtube channel,that also is in reconstruction...
But,well,this site is in use again,and this is actually kinda cool.
Anyway,I can't wait to have an actually good hack.
Yeah,I never thought it would be so hard to make a good SMW hack.
But now I'm a decent hacker,and that's enough for me.
That's it.